Smart Display


Real Time Video Recording


The customer face and the counting information can be recorded simultaneously by real time process

(Black-box feature) .

This recorded video can be saved & searched later and the video will be used as the exact evidence for the transaction between the cashier and customer .



The P225 displays either videos or pages that the bank wants to advertise when the counter is in idle mode.

Teller’s message


The P225 displays the message from the teller such as “Away”, “Vacation”, and so on.

Where to , for Whom ?

Very useful , interesting item for the banks , exchange offices and other financial institutions where the currency counters are used .

Unique feature , Customer friendly !

Applied the counting information display to Tablet device

uniquely instead of the routine external display.

Customer enjoy this Tablet screen

(advertising video , pictures , counting information ,

currency exchange rate , … )

during the transaction with the cashier .

Currency Exchange Rate Screen

Customer has the reference of currency exchange rate while standby time .


While counting operation , the screen will be changed and show the counting information with the automatic amount conversion to local currency .


It shows the history of all the counting information: videos and count results. It can save up to 3 months depending on the number of videos.

By selecting “Date”, you can move to past records. Once you click Done, the history on the selected date will be displayed.

Compatible with other counters

Already applied for the various brand machines and any new counter can be also available by the proper software job


Tablet screen can be used as the advertisement of each bank, exchange offices and others by copying any related movie or pictures on the tablet device .

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